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Your Imagination Is The Limit

From the shadow of the Eiffel Tower to the magic of the starry firmament at night, details are everything and we've got you covered from start to finish. Choose one of our pre-selected themes or chat with us about a custom theme that would create the perfect atmosphere for your party—we're always up for your creative ideas.


Springtime in Paris

Like the City of Lights itself, Springtime in Paris offers a whimsical dash of sunny sophistication and a posh ladylike design that beckons the excitement of adventures abroad.


Under The Sea

From the bottom of the sea to the touch of the sand, Under the Sea is an invigorating splash of colorful creatures from the sea, a design that works well for any seafarer.


island time

With the vibrant hues of exotic flowers and warm festivity, Island Time will have party goers feeling the fresh energy of the tropical spirit in no time.


starry nights

Taking inspiration from the magic of the firmament on a clear summer's night, Starry Nights uses dark colors and starry accents to rocket your sleepover right into outerspace.